Massive Project

This project includes the design, the analysis, the modeling and the simulation of a proposed Free Space Optical system (FSO), capable of data transfer and telemetry between UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – UAVs) and Ground control stations. The aim is not only to analyze the weaknesses of the current free space optical systems in a fixed point communication environment but also to examine the possibility of improving them so they can cope with the highly demanding mobile wireless optical communication environment. Within the framework of this project innovative methods and techniques are proposed including equalization of the intensity and the phase of the optical signal at the receiver, architectures using optical amplifiers and applications of OFDM techniques at FSO systems. Since the implementation of such optical systems operating in this environment has hardly been explored so far, it is expected that the results obtained from the integrated approach of this research area, will improve the weaknesses of the current systems, and also will be an important reference point for the use of such systems at an industrial scale in the next generation of unmanned aircrafts.